How were the Olympics saved between the Paris Games of 1924 and 2024? What part did the real-life heroes from Chariots of Fire play? And did David Puttnam, the movie’s producer, help protect the Olympic movement with the decisions he made?

Read Chariots Return and you’ll see Eric Liddell, Harold Abrahams and Paris 2024 in a new light. You might just glimpse the future of the Olympics, too.


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Everyone has a story. We all have a book in us. Everyone’s life has been dramatic in some shape or form. It’s one thing to know this; and quite another to capture that magic on every page.

What does a professional writer add? We understand how a story should be presented and paced. We know what creates suspense. That’s why a film producer has recently approached me about turning one of my books into a movie.  I can turn your life story into a page-turner. And as a ghostwriter, I’ll tell your story in your voice. That’s important for authenticity. Click here to see some of the books I’ve written so far.

How do we create a fascinating book? Some moments in your life will have been so special that we’ll both know they simply have to be included in your story. But sometimes it’s just as important to know what to leave out. That’s actually the secret to a great read.

I spent many years in journalism, so I’m trained to sit and listen and then pick out the most interesting elements of a story. You develop an ear for these things over time. A book gives the reader the chance to feel the full depth and power behind these key moments.


Consultation Session

Let's meet - preferably in person. We can chat about what you'd like (delete "you hope" - that raises doubt) to achieve and you can tell me a bit about yourself. I can tell you how I work, explain the process and outline a possible interview and production schedule. Then I'll give you some time to decide. When you're ready, you can let me know if you'd like to go ahead. Your book could be ready within six months of our first meeting!


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Depending on the project's size and scope, we'll agree an interview schedule to suit both parties. Then I'll start writing the book and may need to contact you occasionally to check some facts. Of course, you get final editorial control over what makes it into the book. And you can rely on my discretion to honour your privacy.


Print & Publish

We'll be working with a professional cover design and layout specialist to give your book the best possible finish, all ready for your approval. We can choose the best photographs and documents to go with the story and decide where they should feature. You'll have an opportunity to sign off on the PDF proofs before your book goes to print. Then your beautifully bound books will be delivered to your house. By then, I'll have sorted out an ISBN number for potential commercial sale.