May 4, 2023By Mark Ryanprofessional biographer


Although I've had many books published over several decades, is a new venture. A shop window for my services as a ghostwriter, biographer and self-publisher. And I sincerely hope this website represents an exciting step in a journey you can be part of too. One function of  is to sell my self-published work. But primarily I'd like to use my expertise to create your book for you. Then maybe we can sell it here as well. There's nothing more thrilling than bringing a story to life and creating a book for the enjoyment of others.
Last year I wrote a book called "Smoking Shakespeare." It's about an extraordinary Irishman, who was gassed in the First World War and tortured in the Second World War. He survived, largely due to the love of his wife Kit. Michael P. O'Connor happened to be my great uncle, and he too became a storyteller.
Books will be for sale in my bespoke bookshop as time goes on.  I'm ready for commissions and your book could be my next project. Recently I've worked with a man who once owned a football club and several racehorses before he lost most of his fortune in a financial sting. Now he's fighting back - and his true story is going to read like a thriller.
But you don't need to have lived a spectacular life to interest me or indeed the reader. I love everyday stories too. And rest assured, a good writer can make the ordinary sound extraordinary. I embrace the love in people's lives and the pride they have in their achievements, however humble or remarkable. For me, the pleasure is finding the key to a story, so that I can bring it to life in the most human and affectionate way possible.
Everyone has a story. Some are more obvious than others.
Everyone has a book in them. I'm here to help make yours the best in can be.