May 1, 2023By Mark Ryanprofessional biographer


You may be tempted to write your story yourself - and that's fine. Some people are able to do this and still create a professional-looking book.
But it's more likely that the reader will notice a DIY job when they see one. Again, you may not have a problem with a slightly rough-and-ready finish to your work, and you may derive satisfaction from choosing your own words.
But a good professional ghostwriter will give you the best of both worlds. They will use as many of your own personal words to tell your story as they possibly can. If they are ghost-writing and therefore presenting your story in the first person, they want to tell your story in your voice. That's always my target. I want the narrator to sound like you. Because it's you speaking, after all.
So what does a professional add? We understand how a story should be presented and paced. We know what creates suspense. And we know what makes the reader want to devour the next chapter instead of putting the book down.
Yes, I can make your story a page-turner, however ordinary you think it is.
Sometimes there's an argument for choosing a methodical, chronological narrative order - and a safe, steady rhythm too.
But often I might put the most dramatic scene right at the start of the book, to draw the reader in. I won't give away the ending to that scene, of course. I want to create suspense.
There's going to be a lot of information to assess. I spent thirty years in journalism, so I'm trained to listen to a lot of talking and pick out the most interesting elements to a story. You develop an ear for these things. You know what will appeal to people.
Those who commission me to write their autobiographies often want to make sure they get every little thing into their story. They can't see the wood from the trees and that's understandable.
But from personal experience, I have learned that great writing is often all about what you leave out of a story - even more than what you put in. That's often the toughest call. What do we sacrifice to maintain pace?
Pace is very important when you tell a story. It's too easy to get bogged down for too long in an area of your life that won't be of huge interest to the reader.
Don't get me wrong, I want to be thorough. I listen to the needs and preferences of my subject. Ultimately you're my customer and I'm here to serve. But a professional ghostwriter will help tell your story in the most exciting way possible. And that's such fun to achieve.
I won't be satisfied I've done a great job until I'm confident anyone would enjoy reading your story - not just those close to you.
Everyone's life is funny and sad, uplifting and moving. We've all experienced inspirational moments.
Would you like me to bring out the best in your life story?