"Even fictional spy masters James Bond and Jason Bourne would be hard-pressed to match the real-life adventures of Thomas Sneum."

Publisher's Weekly (USA) review of Mark Ryan's book, 'The Hornet's Sting.'

What would you like to know about me before you let me write about you?

I've had eleven books published so far, including by some big publishers such as Little, Brown (who did the Harry Potter books) and Simon & Schuster (Stephen King's publisher among others).
The late Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh wrote the foreword for one of my books, called "Running with Fire." I'm confident either he read the manuscript before he agreed to contribute, or his private secretary must have read it to make sure they weren't giving the royal seal of approval to anything they didn't like.
On one occasion I was really lucky and sold the film rights to a book called "Try for the Gold" in America. Another time I sold an "option" to a movie production company for a spy book called "The Hornet's Sting." Occasionally my books are translated into foreign languages for a useful further fee.
There's no guarantee I can make any of these things happen for your book. It's something of a rarity - and just as unusual for the film to be made after the rights have been bought. However, there's no reason to rule out such possibilities either. It depends on the quality of the story you have to tell.
You might simply be happy with enough copies of your book for family, your social circle and perhaps even your business contacts. In my experience it's better to have too many copies than too few with your legcy in mind.
What else about me before we focus on you?
I started out in professional life teaching English as a foreign language in London. Then I studied English Literature at the University of York. Writing and travelling were always close to my heart, and an opportunity to pursue those passions came along through sports journalism. That lifestyle offered decades of excitement; but the desire to tell stories in more depth took over.
While on assignment for a newspaper in Denmark, I heard about a man who had escaped the Nazis by walking across the frozen sea to Sweden. In that moment, I knew I just had to find out moreĀ  - and was fortunate to discover this man was still alive, and had even worked for Britain's MI6. His extraordinary spy story became one of my most successful books.
After working with mainstream publishers and an agent on several more books about subjects as varied as war and sport, I felt it was time to go it alone by moving into self-publishing. I wanted to find everyday life stories and have time to tell them in an unhurried way that suited me and my business model.
A while back I completed a book called "Smoking Shakespeare" - and that will be out soon. I'm about to finish another client's life story too.

Will your story be my next project? I'd rather write about you than talk about me.