Using a ghostwriter for your autobiography isn't as complicated as you might think. It's as simple as writing any other book. I'll be using my skills from the start, but all we have to do is chat. You should find me easy to talk to and I'm a good listener.

At the consultation, you can tell me the sort of book you have in mind. It might be your life story, told in the first person - an autobiography. It might be a book about someone dear to you, who is no longer with us. It might even be about a club, an organisation or a village. In any case photographs, letters and documents always help to tell a story.

At the end of the consultation, I'll have a rough idea of the outline of your story and what supportive material exists. Then I'll offer an opinion on the sort of book I feel would best suit your story. Ultimately, you can decide. And that's the way the process works all the way through. You have final editorial control. Confidentiality exists throughout. That means I'm not allowed to tell anyone else your story, it's just between us until publication. And when you read the pages I've written, you can tell me what's allowed and what's not. You can tell me if anything needs to be changed, too. Nothing goes to print without your say-so.


It wouldn't be right for me to attempt to give you a precise number of hours in terms of interview time. I've noticed that some writers do that - and I always think it's a sign they won't be giving your story quite the same personal dedication as I do. Once we agree on a price option, we can meet as often as we feel the need, always trying to respect the outlined time frame for project completion. There's no way I will ever tell you: "Sorry, your number of allocated interview hours are up, don't tell me anything else." But we'll need to work sensibly and with mutual respect. We can't go back to chapters we've already signed off again and again to add new material - otherwise, we won't move forward for the good of the book. If you've forgotten something important or entertaining, that's fine.

In summary, it works like this. You talk. I do the hard work. You get a book to cherish. Will you feel you have value for money and find the process enjoyable? I tend to go beyond the call of duty to make sure both those things happen. And I very much look forward to meeting you and writing your story.

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