My name is Tim Underwood and I’m a book designer. By this I mean I’m a graphic designer specialising in book layout and production. I have two decades experience working in print and I have a master’s degree in book design from the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading.


The books I’ve designed vary from biographies through to coffee-table art books, via volumes of poetry and even a cookery book. I’m more than happy to scan and edit photographs if required and as a photographer myself, I understand the power of the image and how to integrate it into the text. When I’m not working I’m usually found behind the lens of a camera, or as a qualified mountain bike guide, riding bikes in remote places.
Design is communication, My aim is to make the design process as simple and as understandable as possible. I’ll work with you to achieve the aesthetic and layout that you’re looking for.


We will be working with highly respected printers within the book trade, those who print and bind the quality products we all buy in shops such as Waterstones and WH Smith, or order on Amazon.

Tim has working relationships with several of these top printers, and he will use his expertise to recommend the best printer for your type of bespoke book, taking into account the number of copies you require.

Once we have chosen the right printer together, the turnaround time is surprisingly quick, and your physical books will arrive within weeks. Imagine the thrill of your books arriving, beautifully bound and printed, ready to share or sell.

It's the final stage in a deeply satisfying proceess. Your story. Your book. Captured in the just right words, then designed and created to leave the deepest and most positive impression in your readers.